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[Digital Authentication]

No usernames, no passwords – no compromises. Completely eliminate static credentials and provides a super simple “scan-and-go” user experience for all your online authentication needs. Works with B2E, B2B and B2B2C use cases. Fully supports “clean room” environments.

Multiple Authenticator types

Mobile App

Allow users to authenticate users via a simple QR scan using their iOS or Android mobile devices.  Scramble’s feature-rich mobile app allows users to customize UI, manage devices and organizations, and view authentication history.

App-less (browser based)

Enable single-touch authentication by allowing users to login with a simple gesture directly via the browser using strong authentication (FIDO). 

Cleanroom App

Authenticate users who work in clean rooms where mobile and other hardware devices are not permitted.  The desktop app supports shared desktop authentication use cases with or without roaming profiles.

IDP Integration

Multi-Protocol Support

Allows customer IDPs to delegate authentication to Scramble via standard protocols such as SAML and OIDC with no change needed for business applications.

Zero-Risk Rollout

Out-of-the-box IDP adapters give users the flexibility to switch using the customer’s IDP(s) or Scramble authentication mechanism without.

Standalone IDP Functionality

Provide direct authentication services for apps that are not behind a customer IDP using standard protocols such as SAML and OIDC.

Multi-account Support

Allow your power users to set default accounts or switch between accounts for each application they access.

Airplane Mode

Authenticate your on-the-go users with a simple gesture directly via a browser even when the mobile authenticator is unavailable or in airplane mode.

Scramble Online
Scramble Voice


[Don’t fear the phone]

It’s time to give your helpdesk folks some love. Your agents are the front-line defenders against one your scariest attack vectors: social engineering. Making it easy for them to authenticate callers translates into better security and significant cost savings.

  • check IVR Authentication Save helpdesk/ call center costs and automate caller authentication via Scramble’s IVR integration
  • check Verbal Authentication Identify callers to Helpdesk or CallCenters out-of-the-box via the Scramble mobile app and Services Portal.


[Peer-to-Peer Authentication]

Prevent social engineering and targeted user attacks by allowing users to mutually authenticate each other remotely (phone) or in-person via the Scramble mobile app.

Remote-Person Authentication

Allow users to identify each other via phone or text using OTPs generated by the Scramble mobile app

In-Person Authentication

Allow users to identify each other by a simple scan of a QR code initiated by either user’s mobile app.

Scramble people
Scramble Voice


[Badging made (a lot) better]

Benefit from the full convergence of physical and digital authentication. Never deal with a lost badge again. Easily and quickly grant (and revoke) visitor access. Maximally protect the workforce during times of crisis.

  • check QR Code Allow users to use their mobile device to simply scan a QR code to authenticate with physical access systems
  • check RFID (in Beta) Allow users to use their mobile device with existing RFID scanners to identify and authenticate themselves


[Control Panel for Self-Service]

Single pane of glass to manage users, set service preferences and adjust security settings for a seamless, enterprise-wide, user-agnostic administration.

For End-Users

Self-service user onboarding features to help with fast adoption and ease of use.

  • check Initial Registration
  • check Add or Remove Authenticator Devices
  • check Pause or Disable Authenticator Devices
  • check View Login History
  • check Report suspicious behavior
For Helpdesk Admins

Administrative features to support end-users onboarding, initial registration and resolve basic issues.

  • check Invite or Disable Users
  • check Add or Remove Authenticator Devices
  • check Pause or Disable Authenticator Devices
  • check Caller Authentication
  • check Assist with Lost Authenticators
For Security Admins

Security features to support customer integration with Scramble authentication services.

  • check Customer IDP Integration
  • check User Provisioning & Lifecycle Management (SCIM)
  • check Session Behavior
  • check Authenticator Management
  • check Authenticator Security Requirements
  • check Customer Branding
  • check Admin User Management
  • check Admin Role Management
Scramble Orchestrate

Scramble makes it simple to prove that you are you.
And that others are who they say they are.

We make the daily routine of identity better for your people and your risk posture - because every authentication is a chance to boost productivity and protection.

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